Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And they're OFF!

The truth is, I've had this blog set up with nothing on it for a few months. I've had good intentions of starting an amazing blog where I could share things that I have enjoyed creating for my family and having all of my friends "ooh" and "aah" over them. But in all honesty, not everything that I create always causes that response. So, I've been hesitant to actually begin posting. With so many awesome blogs on the web these days, I have felt a lot of pressure to either have a perfect blog, or no blog at all.

Then, today, I was reading my friend, Tom's blog (linked in the sidebar because I can't figure out how to link here yet), and it dawned on me. Blogging should be about me sharing with friends, not about perfection. His generosity and desire to share inspired me. SO, here I am. Let the sharing begin!


  1. Shannon, thanks for blogging! I just need to keep at it. I create lots of things, and it sure would be nice to have photos of them documented on my blog.

  2. reading how Tom inspired you, you have inspired me! i've been thinking about starting a blog for a while too, but had the same apprehensions as you had.
    ~thanks for sharing :)

  3. Oh I'm so glad Tom convinced you to stay...we need you!!! This is a fabulous blog that celebrates the joy of creating..Tom is so wise. Thanks for your contribution to the Sis Boom launch it is so good to have you..xoxJennifer