Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scrapbook for a Superstar

This past weekend, I was so thrilled to attend Martha Pullen's Sewing Market at the Arlington Convention Center.  The market in and of itself is FABULOUS!  But the most thrilling part of the weekend for me was being present alongside a dear friend, Carla Crim aka The Scientific Seamstress!  She was the celebrity guest for Saturday morning's presentation.  It was such fun to spend a bit of time with Carla - and it was fantastic to see her shine in the sewing world.  

To commemorate the event, I decided to make a scrapbook for Carla that contained a few memories from dear friends, along with notes of encouragement for her big day.  She can fill the book with pictures and memorabilia from the weekend so that she will always remember the event.
The front of the cover ready for presentation

Front of album

inner page with familiar faces

one of the inner pages from the album
the  right flaps remove from the pocket to expose a fold out
area for photos and journaling

This album was created using Kathy Orta's Soft Spine album tutorial.  I've found Kathy's tutorials very straightforward and they produce fabulous results.  If you're a scrapbooker and are looking for a fast album with high impact, I highly recommend her!


  1. Wonderful Shannon. I just love that book....gorgeous!!! Glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. I so love my scrapbook, Shannon! I was so touched to receive it from you and my close sewing friends! Thank you so much for being there with me!!! Love you, girl!!!