Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to the JOY!

The name of my blog is JOY of CREATING!  For a reason.  I have always found great satisfaction, great JOY in creating.  Even at a very young age.  My mind just works that way for some reason.  I enjoy disecting something in my mind to figure out how it is made and then creating it in my own way.

As a young child, I remember my favorite thing in the world was to go to the craft store!  It was like Christmas for me!

When my son was very young, I was an avid scrapbooker.  I LOVED preserving memories of our family and using my hands to add a special touch that only I could create!

In most recent years, I have turned to sewing as my creative outlet of choice.  It gives me such great satisfaction to create a wearable work of art that my daughter or others may enjoy wearing.  There is nothing like the feeling that I get when someone asks my daughter where she got her beautiful dress and she beams with pride and says, "my MAMA made it!"  It's SHEER JOY!

I realize that often times, I don't take the time to create the things that bring me the greatest joy.  I allow myself to get caught in just creating.  Just because.  And I want more... I want the JOY of creating!  SO, I vow to myself today, "MORE JOY!"  I will spend more time creating things that bring me joy, and less time just creating!

Speaking of Joy - this YARDS upon YARDS of satin brings me joy!  It makes my heart smile!  I can't wait to wear it next weekend for a presentation.  It wasn't such a joy to sew, but boy, is it fun now! 
The pattern suggested that it be left to rest for a few days before hemming to insure that it hangs correctly.  SO, it's not quite finished, but it will be soon!


  1. That is the sole reason that I love to sew! I too love to create things with my hands. The pure joy that it brings me and the recipient is more often times payment enough.
    Thanks for this post! Sometimes we forget why we do the things that we do!

  2. OH Shannon I totally agree with you...I never thought of my self as crafty but somehow I have always NEEDED to do something creative until one day it dawned on me that I WAS crafty!!! And sewing is just so much fun to me! So I get where you are coming from!

    I LOVE your FGM project!!! I am telling you you could walk right on Disney Property and be her!!! Gosh if you ever go to MNSSHP, you now know what you can go as!!!! Good luck with your presentation!

  3. Great post Shannon! I enjoyed reading your thoughts. And, I LOVE that FGM outfit!