Sunday, May 2, 2010

New pattern!

I've been away for a few weeks - visiting with my BFF, and tied up with several events.

Since I last posted, life has changed tremendously!  We've gone through the roller  coaster ride that is "move day" in our professional life.  We have learned that we will be transferring from our current appointment, and will have a new home.  We will be moving to Houston at the end of June.  SO, lots of things to accomplish between now and then.  Which includes packing up the sewing room - UGH!

BUT, between now and then, I've got a few things to accomplish!

I've had the privilege of testing a new pattern for Carla (The Scientific Seamstress) in connection with the AMAZING Jennifer Paganelli.  It is the greatest pair of BOXER SHORTS!
I had to make them for myself in a new Jennifer Paganelli print from the So St. Croix line.  The beautiful Genevieve is just GORGEOUS!


(and if you promise not to tell, I'll even post a sneak peak!)


  1. You're moving to Houston!! We'll have to get together to meet sometime. Do you know what part of town yet? Give me a holler if you need any Houston info (including great places to shop for fabric).

  2. Oh I love yours TOO! Looks so good! I am from Houston so if you need suggestions on where to live let me know! It's not zoned there but there are still some great areas to live.

  3. Ok, how awesome is this! TWO sewing queens in Houston! I have a good feeling about this Houston move! WOO HOO!

    We will live in a company owned home - it is in Humble. Any great tips about that area?